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Bamboo fiber knitted fabrics

Bamboo fiber fabric in the raw material extraction and manufacturing process using physical means, without any chemical composition, no pollution, so bamboo fiber with non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting and so on. Bamboo fiber is a degradable fiber, and in the soil can be completely decomposed, the surrounding environment does not cause damage, is a true sense of the natural environment-friendly, functional green fiber. Bamboo fiber textiles because of its complete reproduction of the inherent characteristics of bamboo fiber, and much consumers favor, product demand increased year by year.

      Natural bamboo fiber preparation process: bamboo → bamboo system → steamed bamboo film → crushing decomposition → biological enzyme degumming → combing fiber → textile fiber

      Bamboo fiber cross-section covered with large and small oval-shaped pores, you can instantly absorb and evaporate a lot of water. Bamboo fiber is three times the water absorption of cotton. Natural cross-section of the high degree of hollow, making the industry experts said bamboo fiber: "will breathe" the fiber, also known as the "fiber Queen" bamboo fiber hygroscopicity, moisture resistance, permeability of the largest textile fiber first.

Bamboo fiber fabric

  fabric features:

  1. good hygroscopicity

  2. Antibacterial antibacterial deodorant deodorant

  3. Anti-ultraviolet

  4. Soft and comfortable, comfortable and beautiful

  5. Green natural health care

  6. Good wear resistance, dyeing.

       The pace of life to speed up, many young people for the details of life began to ignore, or even never pay attention to. So that there are many health risks in life, thus affecting the health. Bamboo fiber fabric as the twenty-first century, the most promising health fabric, is a real skin-friendly products, with other products can not be replaced by the special properties and superiority

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