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Flannel and coral velvet which is better?

You can understand the flannel and coral velvet, which is more warm, which is more suitable for sticking the skin, which is more suitable for skirt to judge. For now, the flannel is relatively popular, and some people think that flannel is an upgraded version of coral velvet, it is not true, the two are not the same thing. As the flannel texture, comfort, appearance than coral cashmere slightly better, and now the flannel slowly instead of coral cashmere to become a new product, the future flannel may gradually replace the coral velvet. If it is close to wear clothes, with coral cashmere material is better, the fabric is soft, delicate texture, beautiful appearance, rich colors, suitable for personal clothing. The flannel for making trousers, jackets, children's wear, etc., can also be used as a thin shirt and skirt fabric.


The two have a lot in common, compared to the flannel plush is more delicate and dense, coral cashmere plush relatively thick and sparse; so coral cashmere easy hair loss, and flannel is not easy hair loss; The same pattern, coral velvet fabric will appear more vague, flannel fabric will be more clear and bright. This is a business in the choice of a very important factor.

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