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How to ensure that cotton shirt fabric neat?

Cotton shirt fabric wearing comfortable, but very easy to wrinkle. What should we do to ensure that the cotton shirt fabric neatly?

In the case of folds, use a low temperature iron to gently level it. In the ironing process, we can put the thick oil paper which is usually used for packaging on the clothes, keep moving iron, to promote wrinkles, disappear.

Spraying agent. Its function is not wrinkle-free, but wrinkle. As long as the clothing through the wrinkles (jeans, knee joints, especially obvious) spray evenly, and then hand smooth, waiting to dry.

Spray water. Although the effect is slightly ordinary, but do not spend money. If there is a drying machine, you can put in the water before the drying machine, a little bake. But must pay attention to the fabric must be allowed to dry, remember to turn the last cold and then blow it, let it dry more complete!

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