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How to start from the fabric

Now people's pursuit of change, is no longer a single material comforts, but now the healthy life, slowly into the exercise, because a healthy body, have all the energy to create greater wealth. The market is full of all kinds of sportswear, these sportswear materials, what are the advantages and disadvantages? In particular, enterprises in schools to buy sportswear, how to choose from the fabric? We may wish to take a look at the next.

According to the method of material selection of sportswear:

(1) cotton: cotton soft, breathable, comfortable to wear. However, the cotton fiber moisture regain, variable type. So many exercise after sweating, sweat and sweat can not be evaporated, many close to the body of discomfort, moving together, rugged is too large, will constitute a small rugged cotton sportswear variant. If it is a small movement, recommend the use of cotton, do not recommend the use of high intensity exercise.

(2) pure polyester fiber: the traditional sense of the polyester is difficult to absorb water, constitute the majority of the resistance to polyester sportswear. Polyester fiber is really water repellent fiber. However, through the capillary effect, perhaps the use of network effects, but also has the effect of moisture conduction. So even after high intensity exercise sweating, it also reached the wicking effect. Polyester sportswear strong use, but not close to the smaller elasticity of doubt. Choose to fit a pure polyester sportswear, the general movement is appropriate.

(3) quality ingredients: rich in blended spandex spandex is the main characteristics of good elasticity, generally used in large-scale sports. A breathable, elastic, mixed spandex fabric. If you want to make big movement, you can choose to add the spandex sportswear.

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