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Spandex fabric characteristics

 Polyurethane elastomer refers to a polyurethane copolymer as a main component of a block copolymer made of gauze. Spandex is the best elastic elongation and elastic recovery rate of the textile fiber.

    Spandex added to the fabric of the main purpose is to use spandex good flexibility to significantly improve the elasticity and dimensional stability of the fabric, made of such fabrics with clothing, wearing a good shape and fit comfort. Spandex in the fabric is generally very small, to swimwear, for example, the nylon content of 80%, spandex content of 20%, the general content of spandex in less than 20%.

    Due to different wearing requirements, taking the fabric can be divided into three categories according to the size of elasticity.

    High elastic fabric: arsenic length of 30% - 50%.

    In the elastic fabric: elastic elongation of 20% - 30%.

   Low elasticity fabric: Elastic elongation less than 20%.

    In general, 20% to 30% of the elastic elongation has been able to meet people's requirements for wearing comfort. From the process of development of elastic fabrics, the use of spandex is gradually from gadolinium fabric, from underwear to the coat, from the garter to the fabric, from the women's products and sporting goods to a variety of uses in the direction of textile development. Spandex as a high elastic fiber in cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibers and other fabrics and clothing more and more widely used.

    Spandex is generally used in the following five forms:

   (1) bare silk. (2) from one or two ordinary yarn (silk) and the combination of twisted twisted wire. (3) to spandex silk as the core yarn, outsourcing other yarn (silk) made of core yarn. (4) to spandex as the core yarn, wrapped around a variety of yarn wrapped yarn. (5) spinning together with other polymers together into a core-sheath fiber.

    By spandex or its core yarn through knitting, weaving method 枓, stretch denim and corduroy fabric. J fabric elastic direction according to the requirements of the clothing is indeed - the billet to the material and expected to produce ski clothing, tight pants, etc .; and zonal stretch fabric should be made sportswear skirt and so on. Spandex can be made directly into knitwear, such as underwear, neckline, cuffs, trousers and socks. Also used in the production of furniture cover, elastic Xie mouth belt and so on. Spandex textiles in medical materials also have applications, such as the production of bandages, surgical lines, artificial skin and so on.

Spandex fabric performance:

    (1) spandex elasticity is very high, the general product does not use 100% polyurethane, more in the fabric mixed with 5% -30% ratio, the various spandex fabrics are 15% - 45% comfortable elasticity.

    (2) Spandex fabric often spandex composite yarn woven into the spandex as the core yarn, with other fibers (such as nylon, polyester, etc.) to do the cortex, made of elastic spandex core yarn, its good response, it is suitable for tight Clothing, taking no pressure.

    (3) spandex stretch fabric appearance and performance, and coated with outer fiber fabric similar products close to

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