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The basic characteristics of polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is the name of polyethylene terephthalate fiber in our country. Polyester fabric is a polyester fiber, obtained by the melt spinning method. Its variety is many, there are filaments and staple fibers. Filament and ordinary filament (including the curtain line) and deformation of silk. Staple fiber can be divided into cotton, wool and medium-length and so on. Polyester is a major genus of synthetic fiber and the main varieties, the output of all the first chemical fiber.

The physical and chemical properties of polyester fabrics


Ordinary polyester cross section for the round, since the smooth straight.

Hygroscopicity and dyeing

Polyester fabric moisture absorption is poor, in general atmospheric conditions, moisture regain only 0.4010 or so, so pure polyester fabric wearing a hot feeling, but the fabric easy to wash quick-drying, with "washable" reputation, and less moisture on industrial fiber Play a favorable feature. As the polyester macromolecules do not contain hydrophilic groups, high crystallinity, close molecular arrangement, the small spring between molecules, dye molecules difficult to enter the fiber inside, the general dye is difficult to dye, is the use of disperse dyes high temperature, high pressure dyeing. The dyeability of cationic dye dyeable polyester has been significantly improved.

Mechanical properties

The breaking strength and elongation of polyester are larger than that of cotton fiber, but the variety and draft ratio vary. Generally filament short fiber strength multiple high strength, elongation is small. Polyester modulus than hemp fiber, excellent elasticity, so the fabric crisp anti-wrinkle, stable size, good shape retention. Polyester abrasion resistance is good, second only to nylon, but the erections from the ball, and hair ball is not easy to fall off.

Chemical stability

Polyester acid is more stable, especially organic acids, but the polyester can only be weak base, at room temperature and concentrated alkali or high temperature and dilute alkali effect will make fiber damage. On the general organic Jing, oxidants, microbial resistance.

Thermal properties

Polyester heat resistance is excellent, thermal stability is better. In about 150cC processing 1000h only slightly discoloration, the strength of the loss of not more than 50010, while the other commonly used fibers at the temperature of 200 - 300h that is completely destroyed. Polyester fabric in case of fire is easy to melt into small holes, while the body is burned.

Electrical properties

Polyester due to poor hygroscopicity, high resistance, is an excellent insulating material. But easy to accumulate electricity yiya produce static electricity, adsorption dust.

Optical properties

Polyester fabric after the light resistance after nitrile exposure by 1000h, its strength can still maintain 60% - 70%.


 Polyester fabric density is less than cotton than wool, 1.39 g / cm3 or so.

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