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The main varieties of cotton fabrics

     Chlorine fabric due to lack of heat and limit its scope of application, the main varieties of polyvinyl chloride fabrics and more concentrated in the decoration and industrial fabrics, for the clothing on the chlorine surface is not much, usually with cotton and cotton, wool, Viscose fiber and so on. China's current production of the main varieties of chlorine / bird velvet, sticky / chlorine flannel and chlorine / Fu-ping cloth and so on.

    1. Blended fabric

    The use of the heat shrinkage of the heat and the heat does not shrink the wool for the weaving, so that the surface of the wool convex f is the striped velvet. South like, is used for curtains, curtains and other decorations of the excellent material, but also as a evening dress fabric.

    Using 70% viscose fiber and 30% of the blended with polyvinyl chloride - yarn, woven fabric is not easy to burn characteristics, can be used for interior decoration cloth and old age, children's underwear.

    Polyvinyl chloride and rich fiber to 1: 1 blended processing, fabric performance and sticky / chlorine flannel is very similar to the production of furniture cover.

    2. Pure cotton fabric

    Polyvinyl chloride can not only be blended, it can be made of pure wool and cotton sweater, cotton pants rug carpets, home cover, children and the elderly clothing and pajamas and so on.

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