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What are the coupons for cleaning flannel fabrics?

Flannel is a suede fabric, made of wool. Before the textile, part of the wool through the dyeing process, the incorporation of another part of the original color wool, weaving through twill weaving skills. Flannel cleaning and maintenance methods must be good, so that can increase its life. Wool as the material of the flannel fabric, with a very full feel, suede smooth and soft, fluff density, not exposed cloth and other advantages. In order not to damage the fabric, wash the need for an accurate way.

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Flannel Washing Description: Flavored flannel to use a neutral scrubbing agent, can not use bleach. As the bleach contains chloride, it will damage the fabric material, resulting in yellowing the fabric. Accurate washing method is to dissolve the neutral scrub in warm water, the flannel into and soak for a few minutes, gently rubbed in the stains on the hand, do not use the brush, will damage the fabric of the hair, forced The meeting caused the fluff to fall off. After washing with clean water and clean, dehydration in the ventilation can be exposed.

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