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What is the advantage of Cotton Spandex Fabric and cotton fabric?

Now, more and more people choose Cotton Spandex Fabric. What is the advantage of this fabric and cotton fabric?

Cotton: generally refers to 100% cotton;

Cotton Spandex Fabri: is elastic; spandex is rubber band, spandex price than cotton fabric expensive. The more spandex content, the greater the elasticity, the higher the price of the same quality.

Soft, comfortable, flexible, not easy to deformation, is the first choice for personal clothing fabrics. Spandex with elastic fabric feel soft, flexible, made of clothing wearing comfortable, casual, but also can show the beauty of the human body, it is used for elastic underwear, swimwear, sports pants and a variety of fashionable fabric. The same thickness of the fabric, plus spandex feel, elastic, comfortable than cotton better. So cotton + spandex combination of these two fabrics more and more applications in the underwear finished products.

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How can I keep Cotton Spandex Fabric?

Here are a few simple things to note:

1, avoid prolonged exposure, so as not to reduce the fastness and cause fading yellowing;

2, wash dry, deep, light color split;

3, pay attention to ventilation, to avoid moisture, so as to avoid mold;

4, personal underwear can not be soaked in hot water, so as to avoid yellow sweat stains.

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