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What is the process of flannel dyeing?

In recent years, flannel is widely used in all aspects of life, to people's lives add a lot of color and convenience. And for consumers, the more curious is the flannel dyeing process. So, What is the process of flannel dyeing? Here, together with the following description of the bar.


Here I would like to talk about the conventional dyeing and finishing process, we generally divided into several processes:

1: in the embryo cloth woven after the break into the printing and dyeing workshop, whether it is printed or dyeing must be done on the embryo cloth stereotypes, the purpose is to let the fabric at high temperature to get pre-shrinking, so that the high elasticity of raw materials can be fixed, conventional Of the temperature set at 230 degrees (different factory temperature control is not the same, generally not less than 200 degrees) or so, dyeing and finishing hair in the hair will not bend, hair will be fluffy and clear.

2: In order to ensure that the dyed cylinder (high temperature and high pressure jet) does not appear on the back of the case of fluff, we will have done the fabric of the fabric of the seam.

3: pre-treatment, a lot of time flannel finished fabric out of the surface after a very messy paste, not clear enough, in order to improve, we will do base reduction. But the cost is a bit high, water and electricity and so have a lot of consumption, many factories continue to improve the process, the market pressure led to almost no factory in doing this process.

4: dyeing, flannel dyeing and ordinary polyester fabric is not much difference, are in the case of high temperature disperse dyes for dyeing.

5: out of the tank after we cut off the edge (the seam together to pull the side), plus soft, finished stereotypes (180 degrees).

6: If you do double-sided flannel, we add the hair in the plus when the hair added. And then stereotypes, so that the back of the negative hair, carding hair, shearing, shaking tablets, and then stereotypes.

The above is about the flannel dyeing process is how to introduce, I believe we all have to understand. Flannel printing and dyeing requirements are very strict, only in accordance with the correct process to operate in order to ensure the effect of printing and dyeing.

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