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What kind of material is good for the shirt?

Many people like to wear a shirt, but what kind of shirt is better? Below a variety of fabrics for a brief description:

(1) 100% cotton fabric

Cotton fabric shirt wearing comfortable, soft, sweat, but very easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, easy to dye or discoloration. As a real person who knows how to wear, you should know what to judge the cotton fabric is really good. Good fabric focus on wearing life, washing life, visual perception, wearing a sense of skin and so on.

100% Cotton Yarn Dyed Fabric.jpg

(2) blended fabric T / C

Cotton and chemical fiber in accordance with a certain proportion of this fabric. This fabric not only absorbs the advantages of cotton and chemical fiber, but also as much as possible to avoid their own shortcomings. Most of the ordinary shirt is made of this fabric, the texture is hard, not as comfortable as cotton, but not easy to deformation, not easy to wrinkle, easy to dye or discoloration. According to the proportion of cotton and chemical fiber is different, the characteristics are also biased. Blend has some functionality, such as relatively high elasticity, and is also applied to higher-grade shirts for specialized purposes.


(3) 100% chemical fiber fabric

It is the use of polymer compounds as raw materials made of fiber textiles. Their common advantage is colorful, soft texture, drape, smooth and comfortable. Their shortcomings are wear resistance, heat resistance, hygroscopicity, poor ventilation, heat easily deformed, prone to static electricity. It can be used to produce all kinds of clothing, but the overall grade is not high. In terms of shirts, 100% of the chemical fiber means cheap and low. However, some types of chemical fiber fabrics have some unique characteristics, such as high elasticity, high permeability and water resistance, high gloss, high wear resistance, etc., so pure fiber is also used in special purpose shirts. Such as the need for glossy performance costumes, the need for elastic dance clothes, the need for outdoor clothing and so on.

(4) linen fabric

Shirt fabric in the aristocracy, wearing comfortable, soft, sweat, but very easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, easy to dye or discoloration. Many people like linen shirt, because the flax natural breathability, hygroscopicity and refreshing, making it a free breathing of the textile, room temperature can make the body room temperature drop 4-8 ℃, known as the "natural air conditioning."

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